Cadbury Seasonal Hot Chocolate with Mini Eggs
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  • Prep time 3 minutes
  • Total time 3 minutes


  • 2 tsp Cadbury Drinking Chocolate (12 g)
  • 150 ml semi skimmed milk, steamed to approx. 60 °C
  • 4 Cadbury Mini Eggs
  • 10 g spray cream


  • Roughly chop half the mini eggs.
  • Place 2 tsp of Cadbury Drinking Hot Chocolate into a suitable mug.
  • Pour cold semi skimmed milk into a metal pitcher, and steam to approx. 60 °C. Please note: this should increase the 150 ml of milk to around 200 ml once steamed.
  • Pour the milk into the 200 ml mug/glass and stir well.
  • Top with spray cream and Mini Eggs.

Nutritional Information

Typical values Per Serving
Energy 1106.0 kj
Energy 264.0 kcal