Animal Welfare

We use fresh dairy and eggs as well as their derivatives in many of our products, including chocolate, biscuits and spreads.

Healthy, well cared-for animals are essential to our supply chain and maintaining our commitment to high quality ingredients.

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Mondelēz International suppliers are expected to comply with all applicable laws on animal welfare. These include a healthy diet, comfortable and safe environment, prevention and treatment of disease, and sufficient space to behave normally.

Since 2016, we have increased our purchases of cage-free eggs to around 15% of global egg use and we’re working with suppliers to incentivise cage-free egg production. We are working towards a 100% cage-free egg supply and will achieve this worldwide by 2025.

We use 100% cage-free eggs in all of our European chocolate brands as well as in our biscuit products sold in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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We welcome the Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF); a dairy sector initiative to align globally on sustainability. DSF defines the principles and practices for sustainable dairy farming. We also recognise and accept industry and supplier standards that are consistent with DSF, such as the Red Tractor in UK and Origin Green in Ireland.