Why snacking?

A lot of factors go into the decision for choosing the right snack: consumer motivations depending on demographic, eating habits, or needs as well as time of day, type of treat or mission.

Did you know?

  • Snacking has over 6 visits per head per month vs 4 for lunch4
  • Over half of consumers spent £2-£3 on their last snack mission5
  • 45% of UK adult population has bought something for snack on the go in the last month4

Considerations in the workplace.

To allow employees to have access to the right types of snacks throughout the day - whether to boost their mood or as fuel to keep them going, a healthier option, or simply their favourite treat - the right range of snacks in the workplace will keep your employees satisfied.

  • Did you know that 20% of all OOH chocolate sales go through workplace restaurant segment1
  • Workers make informed choices to strike a balance between healthy eating and indulgence**
  • 3 in 4 British adults tend to snack around the same time each day. Peaks in the mid-morning, lunch and the afternoon but the UK the average time is 15:41^
  • Convenience is key when it comes to attributes to snacking, impacting the choice of snack^. The average lunch break in workplace is just 22 minutes and while the average global snack break is 15 minutes in the UK we only pause for 10 minutes for a snack^

Making the most in the areas you cater:

Operator performance: layout/traffic flow, range of product offerings, hours of business as well as out of hours snacking service, any product or category gaps

Edit offerings: listing top-selling snacks that appeal to a wide audience. Ensure cover all segments from sweet to savoury

Maximise profitability: having the right products in the right place at the right time, to make the most of sales - rotate products through daypart, re-stock to ensure there is always plentiful supply, ensure impulse locations are maximised for snacks, replace slow moving stock with higher demand options to increase sales

Merchandise & promote: in a restaurant or café, ensure customers can see the great branded products with eye-catching displays, right merchandising, offers & promotions.

Which products are best?

  • 70% of all chocolate sold in foodservice are chocolate bars*
  • 49% of consumers say branded confectionery is very important when buying FTG. Confectionery 3rd most popular FTG item3
  • 1 in 5 people see confectionary as the most important part of the meal deal3
  • As over 70% of confectionery purchases are made on IMPULSE3
  • 1 in every 4 chocolate bar sold in foodservice is Cadbury*

Don’t forget we supply the UK’s Number 1 branded hot chocolate Cadbury* - whether vending bag, or tubs to add milk or water, we provide a solution to cater for hot drinks in the workplace

  • With the UK coffee shop culture leading the way - what must not be overlooked is a branded hot chocolate to accompany coffee and tea. With a loyal consumer base Cadbury hot chocolate is the right choice for workplace - whether via a barista with hot milk, simply with hot water or via a vending machine - we can assist
  • Higher penetration - Cadbury 88% vs Galaxy 52%2
  • Higher frequency - Cadbury 17.1 vs Galaxy 5.82
  • Higher repeat rate - Cadbury 86.9% vs 57.3% Galaxy2

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