Why snacking?

Stocking the right range of snacks is vital to meet a variety of consumer needs, whatever the demographic, mission or time of day.

Did you know?

  • 45% of UK adult population has bought something for snack on the go in the last month5
  • 3 in 4 British adults tend to snack around the same time each day. Peaks in the mid-morning, lunch and the afternoon but the UK the average time is 15:41^
  • Convenience is king when it comes to snacking, stongly influencing the choice of snack^. The average lunch break in workplace is just 22 minutes and while the average global snack break is 15 minutes in the UK we only pause for 10 minutes for a snack^

Considerations for coffee shops and bakeries.

To allow consumers to have access to the right types of snacks throughout the day - whether to boost their mood,a treat with friends and family, a healthier option, desiring solid chocolate or simply wanting their favourite - the right range of snacks in coffee shops and bakeries will ensure satisfaction and loyalty.

  • 28% of all OOH sweet snacking sales go through Café/Coffee Shops, which is growing at 4%1
  • 13% of all OOH chocolate sales go through the coffee shop segment*
  • Coffee Shops have the greatest share of breakfast visits of all end segments at 27.5% (+2pp) 4. The second largest share of visits is for snacking @16%. Average snack spend is £4.91 (+3%)4

Making the most in the areas you cater to:

Operator performance: layout/traffic flow, range of product offerings, ensure the display is always looking at its best, even during the busiest periods

Edit offerings: listing top-selling snacks that appeal to a wide audience, ensuring you cover all segments from sweet to savoury

Maximise profitability: having the right products in the right place at the right time, to make the most of sales - rotate products throughout the day, re-stocking to ensure there is always a plentiful supply, ensure impulse locations in flow of queue traffic are maximised for snacks, replacing slow moving stock with higher demand options to increase sales

Merchandise & promote: ensure customers can see great branded products with eye-catching displays, right merchandising, offers & promotions.

Which products are best?

  • In UK Coffee Shops, at breakfast #1 is cookie followed by cake - both increased +5% in the last quarter. At lunch and snack cake is #14
  • 49% of consumers say that branded confectionery is very important when buying food-to-go. Confectionery 3rd is the most popular FTG item3
  • 1 in 5 people see confectionary as the most important part of the meal deal3
  • Over 70% of confectionery purchases are made on IMPULSE3
  • 1 in every 4 chocolate bars sold in foodservice is a Cadbury* product
  • Hot chocolate is the fourth most popular drink after coffee when snacking

Don’t forget we manufacture the UK’s Number 1 branded hot chocolate Cadbury* - the ideal offer for coffee shops and bakeries

  • With the UK coffee shop culture leading the way - what must not be overlooked is a branded hot chocolate to accompany coffee and tea. With a loyal consumer base Cadbury hot chocolate is the right choice which consumers love, with added value recipe ideas to help your barista - we can help
  • Higher penetration - Cadbury 88% vs Galaxy 52%2
  • Higher frequency - Cadbury 17.1 vs Galaxy 5.82
  • Higher repeat rate - Cadbury 86.9% vs 57.3% Galaxy2

Coffee Shops & Bakeries Sources

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